Most Useful Free Google Tools

Here the info on Most useful Free Google Tools, very helpful for SEO, Traslate, Search, Developer tools, and many more. Highly used different Google Tools like Gmail, BLog Search, Google Traslate, Google Insight, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Webmaster tools(Search Console), & so on…

Free Google Tools Description

Google AdWords:

Google Adwords or PPC specially designed for running ads on Google platforms or Google Adsense integrated websites. Google Adwords is well known as search engine marketing.
For making your business get more reach through ads, Goole Adwords is one of the best platforms.
For a simple explanation, we can see text ads in the search engine, image ads in multiple platforms, and video ads on youtube are integrated from the Google Adwords platform.

Google analytics:

Google analytics one of the best platforms for checking website information by integration. Here we see live tracking of visitors with their location and many more. Google Analytics most useful Free Google Tools for Tracking data.

Google Search Console:

Google search console, also well known as Google webmaster tools. It is designed explicitly for indexing, removal of dummy urls, tracking website performance, and many more. Most used free google tools for crawling website, tracking & removal of spammy url’s.

Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager one of the best tools for the Integration of tracking Google Analytics, Google Advertising, and Facebook advertising through pixel code at the one-stop solution. Most used Free Google tools for tracking traffic data.

Google Developers Tools:

Google developers tools specially designed for developers. It provides multiple tools or platforms for individuals to work on development. 

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

Google Adwords or Google Advertising platform provides an inbuilt Google Adwords Keyword tool. It helps in finding Search volume, CPC for keywords that we are targeting.

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense integration generates income from websites by displaying ads. Adsence Approvals require minimum traffic for the website, it also detects clicks and impressions in an individual location. Highly used Free Google Tools for earning by placing ads on their platforms.

Google Alerts:

Google Alerts updates users by new articles, webpages, blogs, research papers and many more. Free Google Tools for Google updates.


It is a blog-publishing service developed by para labs & bought by Google in 2013. Here we can create a free account and publish our articles.

Blog Search:

These Blog Search Engine helps to generate information on individual blogs based on user requirement.

Google Books:

Google Books search engine provides info on Books, magazines for a generation of results.

Google Play Store:

Google play store search engine designed for Smartphone users to install required applications.

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar provides information on dates, weeks and years. One of the Most viewed Free Google Tools for calender.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Browser helps people to access data from search engines.

Google Docs:

Google Docs helps in storing information of business, professional or personal.

Google Drive:

It provides space for storing data, photos, videos, and information. Most used one in companies for storing and sharing business data. Most Useful Free Google tools for storing information. We can also buy a G-suite for Business maintenance.

Google Trends:

It provides info on the most trending things in day to day life. Most useful Free Google Tools for checking trending topics on Goolge.

Google Sheets:

Just like Ms-Excel, we can use Goolge Sheets to store data in rows & columns(table).


Gmail is one of the most useful ones by professionals for sending emails, promoting business by email, etc.

Google My Business:

Holding your business, Google My Business helps to boost your business locally and grow your servcies. One of the most used Free Google Tools for promoting your business & services. We are also flexible to run ads for expanding our services.

Google Plus:

Google plus which is not active at present but we can use it for signup in different applications by Gmail.

Google Voice:

Google Voice helps us to generate info through voice.

Google Translate:

Google Translate works great for translating in different languages.

Google Photos:

Google Photos Synchronization works great for accessing your images on multiple devices.


It is one of the largest video platforms provided by Google. Here we can create our channels for the promotion of business, sharing information, etc. Youtube also provides an earn money option, one after monetization.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

Google Fundamentals provide info on Digital marketing for Beginners & advanced. Most viewed Free Google Tools for Internet Marketing Topics.

Google Gravity:

Google Gravity designed to show how gravity works in Search Engines.

Thanos Hand Trick:

Once tap Hand – Thanos Hand Trick designed by Google. Once after taping Thanos’s hand which is provided on the right side of SERPs, half-of the search engine will be removed from that particular page.

Do a barrel roll:

Barrel Roll designed in such a way that it rotates 360° the entire particular SERPS page .

Zerg Rush:

It a game designed by Google. Zerg Rush has “o” – by clicking on “o” the SERPs results will be removed.

Elgoog-Cool Tools:

It is a mirror to a Google Search Engine.

Flip a coin :

Here we will find a coin with heads & Tails.

Atari breakout :

Block Beaker Game designed by atari in 1976.

Google Sphere :

These shows Google Search Engine in a sphere shape. We are flexible to rotate that sphere.

Google Doodles :

Google Changes Doodles or Google Banners everyday. We are free to view all of the in Google Doodles.

Goglogo :

Created just for fun, here we can add our name in the logo.

Google Underwater:

These tools show how the search engine looks in underwater.

T-Rex Game:

T-rex Game is most played when there is an error in a network connection.

T-Rex Game:

T-rex Game is most played when there is an error in a network connection.

For endless game use inspect &  add in console – Use this Code
var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}


Pacman game developed by Namco in 1980. Nice game to play. A movie “pixels” released related to this game.

Google Guitar:

Just like Google Doodles, Guitar placed in that position which we can play and enjoy.

Google Snake Game:

We used to play in Nokia mobiles in the past day, just like that Snake Game developed. These are the only snake with dies by biting itself.

Ip Location:

It provides information on IP address, Geo Location, latitude, longitude,Address, and Accuracy.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

Google Structured Data Testing Tool is used for testing the structure of data on the website. It will show an error if anything not related or improper structure format. Most Used Free Google Tools for Checking website structure & data.

Google Sky:

Google Sky shows the sky format of Google Search Engine.

The wizard of oz:

Just like Thanos hand trick tap on “High heels” which is the right side of SERPs results. Tap on High Heels to know the trick behind it.

Google Cloud:

Mainly used the business for Cloud computing services. Topmost companies used Google Cloud to provide their services to customers.

Google Tag Assistant:

It is a Chrome Extension and useful as a Google Tag manager assistant. We can track our Google Tag manager tools through these chrome extensions.

Google maps:

It is Google Maps Platforms- mainly used for Google Mapping, routes and locations. Here we can accurate location to the user. Highly used Free Google Tools for tracking locations.