How to Get Rid of Corona??

How to get rid of corona??

Covid19 which took birth in Wuhan, china – affected almost all the countires and still cases are increasing. Governments are facing issues to extend lockdown because if lockdown extends people will die with hunger. Due to corona pandemic there is huge economic crisis which is more than a to a world war economic crisis. After Second world war most us heard saying that Third world war will be a Bio- War. Covid19 comes under Bio war weapon – it has flexibility to spread easily. 

Covid19 derived from “Co” – Corona , “Vi” – Virus. “d” – Disease and 19 is related to year it took birth. At present day all the countries are busy fighting aganist corona and research is going on to find vaccine for covid19.

Corona effect is seen in everyone irrespective of rich & poor categorys and gender. We have seen lot of them struggling during this panic situvation and during lockdown too. 

Think yourself before travelling- is travelling necessay during this corona pandemic situvation!

If yes, make sure having protection to get rid of corona… 

I wolud like to say if you are going out for a travel is equal to solider fighting for a country. Here we have to fight with corona once affected. 

Is corona too dangerous to defend after effected??

No, We must stay confident to get out that panic situvation and support front line people to do their work. We must respect front line people because still they are working for us after knowing that it’s to dengerous and spreads easily.


How to fight back with corona:

Here are some Guidelines which help in get rid of corona.

1. Since it is transmitted from person to person, avoid close contact with anyone irrespective of existence of corona in your surroundings.

2. If you feel any symptoms like cold, cough, fever and body pains. Avoid contact with others & approach nearest medical center.

3. Mostly avoid traveling, it will reduce spread of corona.

4. Stay Hygiene – to make your body fight back. Avoid outside food & prefer only home food for good health.

5. After long traveling – Home quarantine yourself for 14 days highly preferable.

6. Using of own transport facilities with mask & washing hands multiple times is necessary – until we get out of corona.

7.  Educate yourself & surrounding people to get rid of corona.

8. Respect front line people – support them because everything will be out of hands if they refused to work.

9. Since corona spread out of tracking- large number of testing is only solution at present situation. Take test if you have any primary contact or a symptoms.

10. Instead of looking for a lockdown from government once again – make yourself go with it.

11. Focus on things which you are working on- alertness on what we are doing!

12. Avoid close contact with children. It is necessary in this panic situation.

13. To fight back boost up yourself with confidence.

14. One neglecting is equal to loss of loved ones in a family or a community.

15. We heard alot from childhood – prevention better than cure! Corona stands in Frist place in present day throughout the world. Prevention much preferred.

16. Take warm water daily and steam with a Zandu Blam or tumaric powder for quick relief from corona.

17.  Kasayam which is home remedie which helps to get rid from sore throat, Headache, Fever, Cough and cold.  Take it in routine life for good health.

18. Most impotant thing is take  safety measures while have a contact with corona +ve person.

corona symtoms
symtoms of corona
Corona safety

Let’s stay together and fight back with corona. Stay Hygine and stay safe!

Hope will see corona free world soon…

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