The Last of Us Part 2 SPOILER Review – The BIG Review

On the Internet there is never a lack of people who come and go for games. However, The Last of Us Part 2 release might be the most divided and chaotic I’ve ever seen, making it seem like a total war between critics and players, and between players and players. Few games have justified this conversation, some of them healthy and others absolutely horrible. It even got to the point where one of the game’s actors received threats, which is unpleasant. Therefore, I will try to harmonize my thoughts and feelings about The Last of Us Part 2 in an appearance of coherence in the following 4,000+ words. Yes, it will be long, friends.

Let me start this review by reminding you that I literally only played the original The Last of Us days before the sequel arrived. I don’t have 7 extra years of attachment with Joel and Ellie to color my experience with The Last of Us Part 2. That said, I loved Joel and Ellie. Their relationship was so absorbing to watch, so expertly executed that it completely overcame the fact that I don’t think the actual gameplay in The Last of Us was very good.

And then there is mocapping, animation, and acting, all of which are nothing less than top-notch. The game transitions so smoothly between the actual game and the cut scenes in the game that I was often completely caught up. Not only is it amazing to see the actors’ facial movements, but you’ll also see every little bit of body language, like how Ellie will play with her fingers when she’s nervous. Of course, Ashley Johnston reprises her role as Ellie and does an amazing job alongside a fantastic cast.


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